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Jul 26, 2013 3:00am PDT
the laws in florida. this wasn't even stand your ground. this had to do with self defense. but stand your ground frames so much of the investigation leading up to the trial itself that these stand your ground laws do need to be addressed. but at the end of the day, mike, they did what they had to do. i heard jimmy carter getting bashed by a lot of bloggers on the left. jimmy carter is right. and we said it at the beginning of the trial. even though we were so angry at zimmerman, the law is the law is the law. and you have to follow the law. and that's exactly what the jurors did. jimmy carter said it, and he was right. >> he was right. the construct of the law literally left the jurors handcuffed in terms of decision making. they had no option. listening to the judge's charge to the jury, they had no option. you heard that juror say she would have liked to have voted for manslaughter but couldn't do it. >> i'll tell you this though, mi mika. i hope that after what george zimmerman did, racially profiling a guy, a teenager carrying nothing but skittles and profiling because he was black, c
Jul 24, 2013 3:00am PDT
defense has been more things were going to come out. i've said that all along. i don't think most of us thought they would come out from after the initial tweets when he was in congress. the ones he's talking about yesterday were in the summer of last year, a year after he resipd from congress, after he says he worked it out with his wife, after they had a child together. it means he was still doing this after all of that. >> right. his resignation from congress didn't say i apologize for what i've done and i'm going to keep doing it. as familiar as we are with corrupting -- >> i like the sound of it. if you could pull that one off. >> correct. and as much strange and bizarre and outright corrupt behavior as we've all seen and dealt with in politics, this is new ground in a whole bunch of ways, and i think, when we talk about huma in particular, you've got to address two things. she is very smart. i think she's one of the few people in this whole saga who's tried at every turn to demonstrate some sense of honor and tried to keep her family together. i think you also have to remember two
Jul 30, 2013 3:00am PDT
council to pay for his defense and sexually harassing allegedly women all across the greater san diego metro area. and there's that story. now let's go -- he's an idiot. let's go on and talk about the pope. >> it's a man thing. i'm sorry. they're so unbelievably entitled and confident and ridiculously self-aware. can i say that, jeremy? >> not looking at me -- >> which you are. >> oh, dear. >> can't believe that turned into -- i'm so happy. >> you can look that way. >> lovingly in the eye and say -- >> pope francis is back at the vatican after his first foreign trip as pontiff but the flight back to europe that is making headlines. during an airborne news conference on route from brazil the pope spoke with reporters for over an hour delivering candid responses to questions related to some of the church's most polarizing policies. news correspondent anne thompson has the story. >> reporter: from the mass attended by more than 3 million on the beach, to more personal encounters, spectacular images mark pope frances' trip to braz brazil. most dramatic moments came on the flight home. a no
Jul 31, 2013 3:00am PDT
the secrets with the enemy. the defense claimed manning first set out to reveal abuses by the u.s. military in iraq. in a pretrial statement to the court, manning admitted he leaked this classified video of an apache helicopter attack in iraq that killed a number of insurgents and two innocent civilians and said he was troubled by the american crew joking about the killings. >> the most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was seemingly delightful bloodlust that they appeared to have. for me, this seems similar to a child torturing ants with magnifying glasses." >> reporter: wikileaks owner julian assange says their owners will fight the conviction on the charges. >> it's a serious abuse, and it will mean the end of national security journalism in the united states as we know it. >> reporter: and legal experts predict manning's convictions will have a chilling effect on future leakers. >> the government is very, very serious about protecting the status of classified information, and people who disseminate it are playing with fire. >> all right. >> that was nbc's jim miklaszewski rep
Jul 29, 2013 3:00am PDT
priorities by funding defense. that's unacceptable, he won't do that. >> steve rattner, what do we see regarding this struggle that we haven't seen before? >> we have two potential government shutdowns. one, the congress has to do something to pass a continuing resolution or something else to fund the government past september 30th, or else it shuts down. and then sometime in november we probably hit the debt ceiling limit and the government can't borrow money so it can't spend money. the administration, among the many things they've tried to do this past week, which i think are worthy, to get people refocused on the economy and get people focused due to the lack of responsibility on capitol hill, we could be setting for another set of cliffs and deadline, the same kind of things that, as jack pointed out, are destructive for the economy. >> so let's fold this into the conversation. there are mixed messages when it comes to how americans are dealing with the overall economy. a survey finds 80% of adults at some point in their lives deal with near poverty, joblessness and dependence on
Jul 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
episode that will become public now. >> joe -- >> i was going to say in his defense when he was in the "people" magazine article -- seriously. no. he was in the "people" magazine article, they were interviewing him they asked if it was in i had past and he said yes it was in his past. he really had not flash ad woman online since he had gone to the "people" bathroom right down the hall. >> he was sexting while huma was speaking the other day at the press conference. >> the definition of is is and this is the definition of past is. let's see the next round ever polls, willie. i mean if you have the next group of polls showing him still in the hunt then he's got, i think he's got a really good chance in a three way race but i suspect we may see a bit of a collapse. you're right. you're riding in the cab, the guy is laughing at him. new yorkers don't apartment mayor that's a laughing stock. >> quite a line in the therapist resume, i helped anthony weiner out. >> sure never fine her. >> you made an important point. which guy. here's the front of the "new york daily news." here's
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6